Permanent Wants Post
Welcome to my permanent wants post!! :D Everything is up to date as of 9/23/17. Pictures of wants will be added as soon as i can figure out my new phone XD! Note: all highest priority wants will be marked with "***". Thanks for looking!~

Clefairy pokedoll (wish me luck XD)
2002 Butterfree pokedoll

Rare Pokedolls:

Igglybuff Pokedoll
Jigglypuff Pokedoll
Budew Pokedoll
All 3 spinda pattern pokedolls

DX Pokedolls:

Pokepark Rayquaza




Flareon Pokedoll Figure


***Custom pokedoll figures
***Feebas pokedoll
Dratini pokedoll
Dragonair pokedoll

Pokedoll Charms!:

Pokedoll tag

Note; im pretty much looking for any of the older rarer ones but there's far too many for me to list that I can't think of at the moment, so I listed my top 3!~


Pokebox Coins

Happy new years/about me
Hello and happy new years :) I joined livejournal awhile ago but never really got around to making my first post. I came to livejournal in hopes of being able to soon join a community called pkmncollectors. Pokémon was one of my first major hobbies and ive been a huge fan since generation 3. Recently I've started to collect pokedolls (and they've become my favorite thing to collect) I probably wont sell any of my collection since i mostly want to expand it. So far i only have 3 pokedolls, not a lot but its something :) Off the topic of pokemon, I also love floriculture and im learning a lot in the classes im taking for it (along with getting to see some cute bunnies from the animal science class one room down :D) Im hoping to someday start working as a florist when I get enough experience. That's really all I can think of right now sorry ^.^ I'll try to post as often as I can~


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